Message for the Gods

Posted on: January 15, 2009

let the wind carry my thoughts
on the clouds they will float
all the way up
to heaven

a message for the Holy
whispered in their dreams personally by yours truly
and i can only hope they’ll take heed
when they finally decide to sleep.

and maybe they’ll take pity
but most probably
they’ll think it’s just another story
that the silly windchime is telling.

a story told to entertain
about the life so long ago
it must be forgotten
by all

for who would remember
such pain and hardship
in a place of bliss
where eternity is promised

but if chance could have it
someone else will hear it
someone who is sick and tired
of the infinity.

who thinks that life is boring
and seconds mean nothing
and minutes are just days
being dragged on

for what is eternity
when there’s no ending
and what is happiness
when there’s no suffering

laughter comes to naught
and tears would be moot
and perhaps I’ll be envied
for the losing battle fought


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