Sea of Sorrow

Posted on: September 20, 2009

Rainbow swirls caramelised,
where is the pot of gold?
I walked across the lollipop arch,
just to arrive at a sea of sorrow.

I squinted my eyes and strained my ears,
nothing but the sound of tears.
And the naked sky is ever blue
like time had freezed and was of no matter too.

So I stayed, thinking of escape
but no ship ever docked.
There was not even a gull in sight
for me to tie my string to
and take flight.

Day after day I gazed
at the steady waves of sorrow
crashing, breaking and stealing
grains of happiness from my shore.
But soon I grew used to it,
that melancholy lullaby.
And palm trees started growing
upon that once barren soil.

I taught myself to garden
and planted flowers from seeds formed in my heart.
They’re watered lovingly with sorrow
and dyed scarlet with blood.

Perhaps one day ships will come
over that dusty horizon.
Through their eyeglasses perhaps the sailors will spot
flowers growing in the fog.

Maybe they’ll be curious and come ashore,
I hope they’ll marvel and wonder then
for whom these fragrant flowers bloom
and what secrets they harbor
beneath their lovely facades.

partly inspired by
Renascence by St Vincent Millay


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