The Nightmare – The Attacker (part 1)

Posted on: December 31, 2009

“There!” my younger sister gasped and pointed to the left.

I spun and looked in the direction she pointed. My panicked eyes searched the scene before me. Parents taking their toddlers for a walk, children playing by the water feature, couples sitting on benches… where? and suddenly I spotted him.

A lone hooded figure looking like Death the Grim Reaper but without the scythe stood unmoving just slightly behind the last lamppost as the next lamppost disappeared behind the bend. His face was shrouded in shadows but there was without a doubt he was staring at us, and only at us.

It felt like time stopped when we locked eyes (or perhaps I imagined I am looking into his eyes because I couldn’t even see his face). My body stiffened as terror gripped me. You remember the fear you felt before an exam you were unprepared for? Or perhaps the thought of jumping off a cliff to do the flying fox when you’re afraid of heights? Or the despair when you realised that this was not within your control and it was going to happen regardless of what you do. This was a time when I felt all three at once but amplified a thousand times more.

Noises became muffled and entered my ears in slow-mo, dragging each tone, each pitch to an unbelievable slow speed till I did not even know what is was that I’m hearing. Was it my blood pumping? Perhaps. I am aware of a vein jumping at my temple, and my heart pounding extra hard in my ribcage as adrenaline spurred by fear coursed through my body. I was trying to steady my breathing, letting air out from my mouth in short quiet breathes, like breathing too noisily might be a trigger for it to attack. Instinct took over as I reached out, took my sister’s hand in my own numb one and took a small tentative step, then two, backwards. Soon we were breaking into a run for the shopping mall behind us.

Part 2
Last part


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