The Nightmare- The Attacker (part 2)

Posted on: February 19, 2010

We ran, gasping for air, through the swing doors and a blast of cold air-con air greeted us. The building gave us a false sense of security even though we both know damn well brick and mortar wouldn’t stop him. I chanced a look behind.

He was gone.

The crowd was still there, in their bubble of happiness and normalcy. It was uncanny how the crowd couldn’t see him. They couldn’t even seem to sense him for goodness sake! Could they at least have the decency to feel something ominous nearby, or perhaps sense his overbearing evil aura and stop shouting and screaming so happily like nothing was wrong. The louder and happier they sound, the more helpless I felt. It was mockery. I envy them. Why were we kicked out of that bubble? Why were we chosen? Ignorance really is bliss. Were my sister and I the only ones who could see him? There was no one to turn to for help. Filled with despair, I turned my head towards my sister. She had gotten off worse than me. Shaking like a leaf, she gave me a look and I looked into hollow eyes which I knew were identical to mine.

We trudged up to the fourth floor where our family-owned laundry business was. This was not the first time we saw him. I still remember the first. It was evening and we were taking a shortcut behind the shophouses. My sister felt his presence first. Like a compass pointing North, she turned and pointed wordlessly behind, her face a mask of terror. I looked in the general direction and after a bit of searching I saw that hooded figure on the upper floor window looking down at us.

His presence was suffocating, like evil had infused the air and caused it to rebel by not providing the oxygen I so desperately need. The air around him was darker, denser, and seemed to have tentacles that reached out to you. Somehow we managed to run away and in denial, dismissed the incident as a mere hallucination. We never brought this subject up but we never walk that alley again.

Since then, we’d been seeing it more frequently, and it was always my sister who sensed him first. She seemed to have a connection with him, similar to the Harry Potter and Voldemort connection (though it was discomforting to think that he could sense our presence too). I, on the other hand, had to depend on my sister to know exactly where he is but I sense the evil vibes he gave off clearly enough to know when he’s in the vicinity.


We put on cheerful dispositions as we walked into the shop. Sister bustled to iron clothes in the back room while I plonked down in the nearest chair.

“How’s business?” I asked Mum in an aloof manner.

Mum reprimanded me for being lazy and gave me a light smack on my hand. I simply smiled mischievously, folded my arms and pretended to sleep. I’m not going to leave Mum’s side. My sister and I agreed to protect Mum and everyone from him should he appear again. We had no idea how to but standing guard should be a good starting point.


For those of you who don’t know, this is one of my rare nightmares. A full blown story. wow.

Part 1
Last part


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