Posted on: March 5, 2010

Nobody is indispensable in this world. Not the president, the country still runs without him. Not the CEO, the company still functions without him. and most certainly not you.

“You mean the world to me.”

At some time, some point, somebody will mean the world to you, or you will mean the world to somebody. You feel like you can’t live without that somebody. You pine, you wish and hope. You wallow in sorrow, in fear, in regret, in disappointment. But that is only at some point.

Nothing is forever, the world will change. You can’t mean the world to somebody forever, and that somebody who meant the world to you will cease to be. You are not indispensable.

You can die, fade off, disappear, and it doesn’t change a thing. People grieve, yes they do. But time heals. And the world will still continue to spin. It continues.

The earth can vanish, be annihilated or destroyed, and it still doesn’t change a thing. The universe grows. Other galaxies bud and bloom, and the black holes still suck everything into nothing. It continues.

The universe can go off in a big bang again, and smash into million pieces and release all sorts of gases. But that space will remain, that vacant black space that stretches for eternity. It continues.

And no one will care. No will care that you’re not there.


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My rationality agrees fully to this piece.

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