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The glass don’t lie but the twisted mind,
painted the world in sullied dyes.
And naïve eyes though open wide,
refused to throw out beams of light.

So I spun on feet that walk,
till truth up with me it caught.
And the real spectrum did I finally see,
in the dust of its splendor lies my misery.

For Nature though kind never forgets,
what she lends she’ll have it back.
But pity she would never take,
For her work I have ill counterfeit.


Close your eyes and just imagine
a meadow full of daisies
dancing in the breeze.
You curl up on the grass
and the blades tickle your nose
while the wind strokes your cheek.

That is the perfect place to sleep.

The meadow full of daisies
dancing in the breeze
every nook and cranny
tailor-made for me.
Every bump and hollow
all part of my memory
I gave a sigh of content
and listened to the wind echo it.

Oh, what a perfect place to sleep.

My meadow full of daisies
dancing in the breeze.
However did I find you,
in this jungle of weeds?
Can you feel my heartbeat
when I curl up to sleep
I imagined I heard yours thumping
oh yes I really did.

I found the perfect place to sleep.

there once lived a shark,
beneath the seven seas.
he courted many,
and many desired him.

he seeked solace in many arms (fins?),
but that’s all he could find.
unsatisfying short company,
not the harbour he had in mind.

the home in which he longed to stay,
was not found till he met the pufferfish.
and together they built a home
with baby puffersharks, a new species!

inspired by
Annabel Lee by Edgar Allan Poe

what hides behind those eyes
what goes on in your mind?
the neon lights cast you in ghastly green
or perhaps, that is the true color of your skin?

in a dream i dreamt long ago
you tore down the blue carribean sky
and drained the turquoise sea.
over the squeals of fishes you bellowed and raged,
that the world was imagined.

and that you and me were as fake as could be
i could stab you and you could me
for pleasure, pearls or sympathy
or are you just being self-reassuring?

for you who tore down the sky and drained the sea
who raged for all to see
still harboured hope, however small,
and is nothing compared to the betrayal planned
by the angel who vowed to stay
by the human who swore to hope
by the girl who claimed to loved

by me.

inspired by TrueStoriesNot.

The Moon

Posted on: November 8, 2009

i run around you in full circles
circling and circling
going nowhere
like the moon orbiting the earth

but i hope to escape
coz we can never collide

even though that would be nice
to end in destruction
and to break into a million pieces with you
for people to place their wishes on

sometimes i do not know what i’m doing.
my heart is gone.
i like to do things opposite.
i like to walk the hard way.
i do not like things to come easy.
i like to torture myself.

i like to be the death of you.
and indeed i will.
someday you will hate me.
for there’s something i’m not telling you.

on purpose maybe
accidently no.
i just like to distance myself away from you.
for i do not like things to go easy
i like to torture myself.
and you had no choice (actually you do)
but to go along with my tiffany twisted mind.

we’re like poles
we repel
for i do not like things to go easy.
i like to torture myself.

isn’t it strange how vibrations of air molecules
can make such lovely compositions
that seem to carry you off your feet
that is a perfect fit

and you breathe it in
and are unwilling to exhale
coz it fills you up
and syncs with your heart

it embraces you
like long satin ribbons
that wraps itself around you
that feels cool against your skin

oh a world of my own
saturated with the same emotions.

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