The Girl with Two Hearts

Posted on: March 6, 2010

There once lived a girl with two hearts. She had a heart on the left and one on the right. The left heart supplied blood to her left brain and the left half of her body, while the right heart supplied blood to her right.

The doctors did not try to remove her extra heart for it was a risky operation and unlike the baby the two heads, the girl looked and functioned normally. In fact, she looked so normal that you might not notice any oddity except for her need to take in abnormally large amounts of air. You see, she had only one set of lungs to supply oxygen to two hearts and that really put a strain on her poor lungs. The problem was easily overcome – she just needed to breathe with her mouth constantly.

The girl took extremely good care of her two hearts. She ate healthily and did cardiovascular exercises regularly too. She was doubly careful with her hearts for hearts are such fragile things, and she had not one but two of them.

The girl led a normal enough life (if you exclude the frequent collapses during PE lessons) until she met a heartless man. He was born with no heart but he looked and functioned like a normal human being. The doctors were extremely bewildered and astonished, and called him a “most interesting specimen of the Homo sapiens species”.

I have much to say about the heartless man but let’s not go into that. It is the girl with two hearts that we are interested in, is it not? Like how most stories go, the girl met the man and they fell in love. Or should I say the girl fell in love with the heartless man. The girl thought that they were a perfect match, a two-hearted-girl and a heartless man. Why, she thought, my extra heart must be his! God himself must have placed his heart in her body by mistake. Isn’t it sweet how the heartless man had literally given his heart to her for safe-keeping? She used to gush to everyone around her.

As you can see, the girl was a hopeless romantic. She didn’t think that if it were God who misplaced the man’s heart in her body, the man did not really have much of a choice about where to place his heart, did he? If I had a say, I would say that the man would actually prefer to have his heart in his own body, thank you. However, I am just a poor narrator and what I say is of no matter.

It turned out that the poor narrator was right. The girl forgot how fragile hearts can be and made the mistake of handing her heart to the heartless man. The heartless man was indeed heartless, and he broke the heart of the girl with two hearts. We shall not go into details of how he did it. We do not poke our noses into others’ personal businesses, do we? Nono, we are not busybodies. However, I can tell you some of the rumours if you are truly interested. Oh yes, I can. I do love juicy gossips after all but let’s leave it for another time. We do need to carry on with our story here.

So the man broke the girl’s heart and walked out of her life with absolutely no remorse. Luckily for the two hearted girl, she had an intact heart after the other was broken. Unfortunately for the guy though, he forgot about her two hearts and without further thought, broke her right heart instead of the left. He would pay dearly for his thoughtlessness, as you soon shall see.

The girl was in critical condition after being heartbroken. She was sent to the hospital immediately and the best brain and heart surgeons rushed to restore her blood circulation to her right brain and body. They worked hard, cutting, grafting and sewing blood vessels. The operation took 2 whole days and 2 whole nights after which the girl was finally saved. Her left heart now pumped blood throughout her body, just like an normal human being. Unknown to everyone though, the brain surgeon had forgotten to graft one particular blood vessel from the left heart to the right brain. His mistake was not consequential. The girl lived, looked and functioned normally. Her vitals were normal and she was as healthy as a horse. She was discharged shortly and no one knew the brain surgeon had made a mistake, a mistake that caused a part of the girl’s brain to die, the part that controlled emotions. A mistake that changed everything.

If the heartless man had been more careful, and bothered to consider and weigh the consequences of breaking the right or left heart, he would have known that breaking the right heart is riskier than breaking the left. As you all know, the left brain governs logic while the right emotions. Had he broken the left heart and damaged the left brain, the girl might lose her senses and become an emotional wreck now.

However, the heartless man lacked the foresight and the girl who was once a hopeless romantic became a maniac, an intelligent robot devoid of all emotions and obsessed with revenge. Without the hinderance of emotions, the girl became very analytical, practical and cold-hearted. She was soon courted by many big companies for her efficient and effective methods to solve company crisises and became dirty, filthy rich. She told nobody and nobody found out her plans for revenge. She had analysed that this obsession of hers would not go too well with the shareholders and she did need the CEO seat for it brought in loads and loads of money. Furthermore, she was not stupid to the extent of putting herself in suspicion when something happened to the heartless man.

Ner plan for revenge was simple really. She analysed that the best way was to render the man family-less (yes he got married, that bastard), penniless (he married a rich lady and had company of his own), friendless (his friends are all mercenary), and most certainly lifeless. She wrote down her goals with detailed plans in a secret diary and carried them out religiously, often faciliated by her huge financial backing.

Needless to say, the girl got what she wanted. The heartless man was abandoned by his family and friends, lost his company and became a bankrupt overnight. It seemed like a series of bad luck had plagued the heartless man to outsiders, but we all know everything was carefully planned and engineered by the girl who used-to-have-two-hearts-but-left-with-one-now.

No one knew what happened to the heartless man after he lost all his worldly possessions. Some say he was enliughtened and led a carefree life among the animals in the Amazon jungle. That is definitely rubbish. Some say he resorted to selling his body for money in Thailand. That is quite probable. Nobody knows the details but there is one thing we can be certain of – the girl who used-to-have-two-hearts-but-left-with-one-now had her sweet revenge and the heartless man came to a horrible end.

Follow up by TrueStoriesNotThe Heartless Man


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